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Introducing the Neo4j™️ → ArangoDB Migration Kit

Webinar Recording

Migrating from Neo4j to ArangoDB presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Organizations looking to consolidate multiple database technologies, satisfy unmet use cases, and significantly reduce TCO while speeding time-to-market will benefit from this webinar, which introduces attendees to a comprehensive migration toolkit that is broken out into three critical steps:

  1. Data Migration
  2. Functional Equivalence
  3. Query Migration 


Participants will first learn how to leverage the provided tools and scripts to efficiently migrate data from Neo4j to ArangoDB. Next, the presenters will delve into the nuances of achieving functional equivalence, highlighting efforts required to map Neo4j queries, functions, and procedures to their ArangoDB counterparts. Finally, it will cover automated techniques to convert Neo4j Cypher queries to ArangoDB AQL, noting the inherent limitations and the need for further tuning and validation to ensure query accuracy and performance.


While the toolkit does not encompass application migration, it addresses the predominant hurdles in data and query migration, offering a path to simplify the transition. This webinar is ideal for database administrators, developers, and architects looking for a guided approach to migrate their database systems from Neo4j to ArangoDB, ensuring data integrity and operational continuity.


This webinar offers a deep dive into transitioning from Neo4j to ArangoDB, showcasing a detailed toolkit for efficient data migration, functional equivalence, and query conversion. Participants will explore how to leverage provided tools and scripts for a seamless shift, ensuring data integrity and continuity. The session highlights strategies for overcoming common migration challenges, making it essential for database administrators, developers, and architects aiming to streamline their systems and accelerate market presence.

Webinar Recording