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Episode 1: The Genesis Idea

Harnessing Generative AI from Knowledge Graphs to LLMs

Event Recording

Dive into the shadows of data as we launch the thrilling first episode of our series, set to explore the electrifying integration of ArangoDB's Graph Database with Cogniware's Argos. This premiere episode pulls you into the world of high-stakes investigation, where every connection counts and the unseen is finally revealed. You'll learn how to apply the same approaches to other use cases: Fraud, Supply Chain, Cyber Security, Network Management, and many more.


What's Inside:

  • Discover Argos: Get a comprehensive overview of the application and its mission to revolutionize investigations.
  • Tech Fusion: Learn how Large Language Models and ArangoDB amplify Argos’ capabilities, turning data into decisive action.
  • Why Combine Forces? Uncover the compelling reasons behind merging cutting-edge AI with robust knowledge graphs.
  • Stakeholder Benefits: See how this integration transforms operational efficiency and decision-making across the board.
  • Look Ahead: Gain insights into the industry's future and what's coming next in Episode 2, "Frameworks of The Mind."

Watch Today and be part of the revelation that changes the face of data-driven investigations.